Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing In Detail

Digital marketing is growing by leaps and bound as businesses are increasing their Internet footprints.

Today it is impossible to think of a business without a web page.

So how can you consider marketing without digital footprints?

Essentially digital marketing comprises of marketing initiative using the electronic medium.

Digital MarketingWhen you see a company’s ad on the Internet, it is marketing using the digital medium.

So, in simple terms, any marketing on the Internet is digital marketing.

It can be spread over a wide number of channels, be it email, social media or simply connecting via the website.

Frankly, it is difficult to tie down digital marketing into certain pre-decided channels.

Different products would need different kinds of digital initiatives.

Different countries and target customers also impact the digital marketing approach.

Moreover, the company’s branding policies also come to play.

So it will be safe to say that digital marketing is a coming together of varied marketing channels.

While the actual concept is the same as that of conventional marketing strategies, the difference is in approach.

It is incidentally, also a way more dynamic medium.

So adaptability is a key factor when you talk of digital marketing.

Where Does Digital Marketing Fit in?

It is true that companies are increasing their digital marketing initiatives.

According to some research, it is likely to comprise as much as 75% of the marketing budget over the next 5 years.

Increasingly, businesses are making space for electronic variants of marketing.

The baby steps of today are going to be what sets the tone for tomorrow.

While it is clear that different businesses will have to harness different aspects of this marketing, the question is how does it fit in?

The biggest change is perhaps accepting this change in approach.

But that is not all.

It is also about understanding how to optimize this marketing approach.

For that companies will have to go into the depth of digital marketing.

That will help them to understand how to adapt the new concepts in modern perspective.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of digital marketing is the ease of adaptability.

Frankly, it does not matter what industry or what level of marketing you need.

This type of marketing initiatives can fit in simply anywhere or at any level.

It is never centered on any specific format or situation.

The only pre-condition is to feel the need for digital marketing.

Once that is in place, the sky is the limit.

From Instagram to Internet search engines, there is practically no limit to it.

But one thing is for sure; you will have to build a profile of potential customers.

For that, you need to generate leads on the Internet and take it forward from there.

Often it is these leads that give businesses a real-time idea of how they should implement the marketing initiatives.

It gives them key understanding of the markets that they need to target.

This even helps you gauge the extent of marketing penetration.

What Does B-2-B and B-2-C Marketing Mean?

Often when you talk about digital marketing, you come across two specific terms, B2B and B2C.

In case you are wondering, these are two primary approaches in digital marketing.

B-2-B marketing stands for business to business.

In this case, the whole objective of the marketing drive is about generating the necessary lead.

Your website and the other digital channels help in attracting new leads.

Getting them to the website and then converting these eventually is the operating method.

Often, in this case, you will notice that a salesperson is required.

In this context, it pretty much operates the way conventional marketing works.

The focus here is bringing in the variety of supporting elements to drive the primary marketing approach.

The other alternative is B-2-C.

The term B-2-C means business to consumer.

So essentially it is a more direct marketing approach.

In this case, the prospect of a middleman or a salesperson does not come up at all.

It attracts people in a way that the lead directly accesses the website and often becomes a customer.

This means that this type of marketing needs more constructive content marketing.

The content here does not just give information but actually brings in customers.

In the digital context, Instagram is one of the biggest B-2-C marketing tools.

The businesses land up directly in the consumer’s feed.

The consumer also does not feel pushed or compelled.

They land on the business home page almost by themselves.

Even when they are buying something, they feel it is their own decision.

There is no push or compulsion in this.

That is why often in digital marketing, we see B-2-C offering more sustainable results compared to B-2-B.

You can incorporate a variety of marketing tools for this.

Pay Per Clicks & Search Engine Marketing

When you think of digital marketing, this is perhaps the most basic option.

It is quite simple.

In this case, you gain market and exposure via placing ads on search engines.

The ads appear on a wide number of search engines like Google and Yahoo.

They offer you both visibility and potential market.

Optimizing brand visibility is undeniably the biggest advantage of this type of marketing initiative.

Moreover, this kind of digital marketing is simple and straightforward.

It helps them get exposure but the relative expense involve is quite minimal.

The customers that a company may gain through this channel can stay with them for long.

Moreover, they also have the potential to spread the word and improve visibility further.

So in many ways, it becomes maximum exposure with minimum effort or expense.

The interesting aspect is that you can experience dual gain.

On the one hand, you have an absolutely free ad channel using search engine optimization.

The pay per click then adds another dimension to it.

For very little money, you then have the option to tap a huge and expansive new market.

Your links appear in affiliate sites, and every time people click on it, the affiliate partner is paid as per pre-decided agreement.

It is, therefore, in the interest of these sites to convert the clicks.

The ease of setting it up and the ability to assess these conversions real time makes it a crucial digital marketing tool.

However, companies must understand that this will not catapult exposure in an extraordinary way.

Often it is fairly limited.

But the advantage is that it offers the crucial first step to many who haven’t explored it yet.

The minimum investment option gives them the better impetus to try it out.

Achieving Search Engine Optimization

Now if you ever conceptualized and worked on creating a website, you have come across this term.

SEO or search engine optimization is in many ways the foundation stone for effective digital marketing.

The concept of SEO marketing is fairly simple.

It helps companies improve the ranking of their sites in search engine results.

That means businesses use SEO to increase the rank, visibility and reach of their products.

So naturally, you get more visitors to your site.

As a result awareness about your product increases and so does the acceptance.

That automatically leads to greater and better sales numbers.

The conversions improve, and the digital branding of a business is also enhanced.

But search engine optimization is often the amalgamation of several factors together.

It takes into account a series of factors.

It comprises a series of keywords and managing the links associated with it.

In fact, SEO is responsible for directing nearly 39% of the global e-commerce movement.

So studies indicate that SEO works on a system of well-organized principles.

It improves the search result through this system of optimizing the specific keyword.

Of course, this system cannot be developed overnight.

This type of digital marketing needs thorough research and detailed study.

Moreover, it also involves a close study of the potential customer base.

That means that businesses will have to invest in choosing appropriate SEO friendly site.

The SEO tactics and methods also have to be taken into consideration.

In fact, you can often also hire external organizations to help further your SEO initiatives.

But you must remember that manipulating the Search Engine Optimization can be risky.

You have to be careful about incorporating fair practices and white hat principles.

That will ensure long-term and sustainable benefits of the same through digital marketing.

Direct Email Marketing

The Search Engine Optimization has many format and sub-sections.

One of the simplest is the direct marketing using emails.

Emailers have been long used as a means to reach out to customers but now it is also an effective marketing tool too.

The direct access to a customer’s mailbox means it gives businesses an opportunity to forge a long-term relationship with customers.

These relationships help in generating the much-needed leads that result in sales.

Compared to the cost involved, it helps in creating a much deeper and direct impact.

The fact that the spend towards it is almost one-tenth of traditional marketing drives make it even more attractive.

The primary objective of digital marketing via emails is grabbing new customers.

Creating leads and converting them eventually is the other key motive.

But the content of the email is crucial.

In case it is too direct or pushy, it will not bring about the desired result.

So special care needs to be taken in formulating the content of the email.

Also how you circulate these emails is equally important.

Make sure you are not spamming them.

Then you run the risk of being blacklisted/blocked.

That is why it is best to employ the best variants of email automation tools.

That will help in creating the desired lead and boost the follow-up initiatives.

The cost-effectiveness of email marketing initiatives is its biggest advantage.

But you have to exercise moderation in using it.

That is why you need a clear strategy to guarantee conversions.

Often email marketing is used in sync with content marketing.

Sometimes it is also combined with social media marketing.

So this is one of the biggest benefits of digital marketing.

The variety of combinations is what enhances the efficiency of this type of marketing.

Incorporating Social Media Marketing

This is another important aspect of digital marketing.

One of the most popular forms of online marketing, this is also one of the most recent variations.

In this form of digital marketing, the focus is on creating a credible brand.

It helps build the overall perception and grasp of the company in a comprehensive way.

Given the ease of operation and the ability to sync it with SEO initiatives, it is a preferred option now.

This marketing drive is spread across the whole gamut of social networking sites.

This includes Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and the like.

The choice of option is closely linked to the profile and extent of marketing you are looking for.

These are some of the most conventional options.

But that apart blogs, Internet forums and other niche avenues also come handy.

Social media marketing is primarily about tapping the trends over social media.

It looks at harnessing a definitive set of users group and then taking it forward from there.

Initial forms of social media marketing are organic and free.

But if you need a more aggressive approach and faster result, you also have the paid option.

Pretty much like the paid results in pay per click programs, here your ads feature more often on the social network.

This means that the exposure and visibility of your product increase significantly.

As a result, the brand recall value of it also rises.

Needless to mention, this increases traffic to your websites.

The resulting level of conversion and sales also rise.

But targeting is crucial in this type of digital marketing initiative.

So if my target audience is young students, Instagram and Snapchat will yield a much better result than LinkedIn.

So this is a call that needs to be taken in a careful manner.

Content Marketing

Last but not the least powerful, this is another interesting digital marketing tool.

Whether you use paid articles, blogs, guest blogs or management interviews, this taps the power of written words.

The whole idea is to lead potential customers in choosing a specific product on the basis of information that they gather.

Making an informed choice is a peg for most of these types of marketing.

For example, I sell Olive Oil.

But my marketing team does not send email links asking customers to buy it.

Instead, I circulate emails and blogs about the health benefit of Olive Oil.

Almost as an afterthought, I add a link to my website, if they want to buy.

The customer here, therefore, pays attention to the information more.

They feel that they are buying the product out of their own free will.

I don’t have to worry about that aspect either.

As long as the sales are in place, the method does not make a difference.

So while email marketing is a direct form of marketing, this is an indirect method.

It convinces customers through the product’s features.

That is why this type of cohesion is often a relatively more long-term one.


Therefore, we can conclude that digital marketing is a relatively comprehensive marketing tool.

It employs a variety of technique and methodology to get to the primary objective.

That is about increasing the exposure and selling the product finally.

The advantage of digital marketing is of course, the higher reach and lower expense.

But your approach is crucial here.

Unlike conventional marketing, you cannot paint everything in the same brush stroke.

Customized and individual approach is necessary.

That is what creates better cohesion, brand value and higher conversion.

Successful digital marketing is all about strategy and vision.

If you want to make it work you have to optimize your focus and depth of perception.

That will bring long-term gains through digital marketing.

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